Zestril (Lisinopril) user reviews

Useful in lowing bloodstream pressure, nonetheless gave me personally a horrible dry coughing so needed to change to another medication.


I had severe responses to this medicine. Dizziness, wiggling, nausea or vomiting, polyuria, head aches, severe perspiring, sleepiness. It did not work with me.


I have been getting it for 12 many years. It was the 2nd actually BP medication I was actually put on given that my medical diagnosis in 2000. I really happen to be lucky with this particular. No coughing for me, so when you study the long term unwanted effects, they aren’t anywhere close to as frightening as most anything else it is possible to get.


The actual relationships are all minimum and positive for me. My High BP is really a secret as it doesn’t run on either side regarding my family. Getting it for 2 years however had to up the medication dosage to 40 mg/day because of extreme inescapable anxiety in my daily life.


Partner had been getting between 20 and 40 mg/day for 7 years, already been fine. Dad had been getting even extended and got the face angioedema. Have noticed other individuals with it as well. Late impact allergic reaction to ACE inhibitors.


Got lip angioedema as well as anaphylaxis due to this mediation. Signs and symptoms survive.


I applied this medication for many years. It was secure to make use of, with number of unwanted effects. Ultimately, right after many years of use, I developed the coughing and must cease.


I have been struggling to get an additional medicine which is as comfortable as well as useful as this one.


Health professional prescribed 5mg every day whenever BP seemed to be 150/100, amazing 24Hrs. after very first medication dosage it turned out 130/84, ongoing for 15 days, the particular BP arrived right down to 100/70 and also I did not really feel any problems, medical doctor lowered the medication dosage to 2. 5mg every day, BP was unpredictable at 90/70 to 100/70 decreased the dosage to 1. 25mg, nevertheless it was eventually 100/70.


I am 47, my dad 79 120/85, mother 120/80. No background of coronary heart failure in household. it is steady at 130/90 with this particular prescription medication, and in addition with 2km quick walk on a daily basis.


I’ve been on Zestril (originally 10 mg and given that lowered to 5mg) for that past 8 several years and my stress had stabilised all these many years.


In the last Three years, I started out getting some persistent dry annoying coughs; and this 12 months have been having issues with hard-on and sex drive. Zestril is the only medication I get.


This blood vessels pressure medicine gave me personally intestinal tract cramps as well as diarrhea. I could only withstand these unwanted effects for 2 weeks just before I had to stop it.